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100 W Circular SMD LED Lamp wit solar panel and outdoor motion sensor IP65 1000 LUMEN

Solar-powered LED street lighting lamp with 100W equivalent power. Made of black ABS, with transparent plastic LED cover. SMD 5730 LED (240pcs x 0.2W) with a light beam of 120 ° and a luminous flux of 1000 lm.

This high brightness street light has a high ratio. Equipped with IP65 protection rating, it is suitable for outdoor use even in prolonged rain.
It is equipped with a rechargeable battery mod. 32650 (3.2V from 10Ah) and a solar panel that guarantee an autonomy of about 12 hours.

Charging takes about 6-8 hours. In the upper part we find a polycrystalline silicon solar panel that makes this lamp autonomous from electricity. Furthermore, by exploiting the full potential of LED lighting, they contribute to obtaining considerable energy savings.

Thanks to the included remote control (2 AAA batteries included) it is possible to turn the light on and off, adjust the light intensity
(100% / 50%), set different shutdown timers and activate the auto function that via the smart sensor (twilight sensor) it will turn on the lighthouse when the light goes down.

The lamppost comes on automatically at nightfallIt is possible to activate a shutdown timer after 2h / 3h / 4h from the act of switching on.Thanks to the integrated motion sensor (detection distance 6-8 meters) there is the possibility of optimizing energy consumption by significantly extending the service life.

This is feasible as it is possible to choose a lower brightness initially and when motion is detected the lighting will automatically turn on at 100%, subsequently returning to the initial low light condition if no motion is detected.This street lamp is suitable for outdoor lighting of streets, parking lots, shopping areas, parks and cycle paths. Modern LED street lighting also increases road safety.

A high-definition reflector splits the light into countless glare-free luminous dots, so drivers and pedestrians are not dazzled. Bright, well-lit areas can help reduce the accident and crime rate.