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110 Bar Power Washer Michelin High Pressure Washer Car Wash and Home Cleaning

The Michelin MPX14E Electric Power Washer is a powerful high-pressure cleaner to wash a car for all the jobs around the house.

This pressure washer comes with a quality metal triplex piston pump with automatic safety valve and piston hardened stainless steel. It is also equipped with protection against low pressure.

Coupling, which provides the water supply to the machine is provided with a filter to prevent ingress of unwanted contaminants and damage to the pump.

Length (cm) 29.5 Width (cm) 26.5 Height (cm) 45.5
Weight (kg) 7.1000 Features + Benefits Self priming function (pump will take water even from a bucket)

Built-in accessory storage
Suitable for Light Use to wash cars and for other cleaning jobs at home
Inspectable water filter gives visual indication when to change the filter

Click fast connection device to connect water hose to machine inlet filter
Total stop system. Machine switches on when the trigger of the gun is pressed

Max Pressure: 110 bar Max Flow Rate: 390 L/h Max water inlet temperature 50° Power Consumption: 1.4 kW Supply Voltage: 220-240/50-60 (V/Hz) Supplied with: Trigger Gun, Lance, Jet Nozzle, Filter, Foam lance bottle, 3m HP Hose, 5m Electric Cable