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15000RPM-20V, brushless cordless, leaf blower, RONIX 8922

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The Ronix 8922 cordless leaf blower is designed with an ergonomic, lightweight body and has a powerful motor that makes it twice as effective as a normal blower. In this section, the features of this product are reviewed.

The Ronix 8922 leaf blower can handle a wide range of applications for both professional tasks and home use.


This cordless leaf blower is suitable for blowing dust, leaves and even snow effortlessly and conveniently.
To accommodate these different applications, the 8922's motor can generate a high no-load speed of 15000 RPM and a low no-load speed of 1000 RPM.


The powerful motor of this cordless tool is brushless, which makes it last 4 times longer.
It also allows a maximum air speed of 100.8 MPH or 45 m/s. This speed ensures a high level of efficiency in blowing performance.
The blowing volume delivered by this tool is 11 m3/min or 388 CMF.

In addition, this motor is powered by a Ronix 20V 2Ah Lithium-Ion battery, providing high power and long runtime.
The autonomy of this cordless and brushless tool is between 12 and 15 minutes.

For ease of transport, the Ronix 8922 cordless leaf blower is lightweight (2.20 kg). The ergonomic design of this leaf blower maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arm. To prevent users from slipping while holding the tool, the Ronix 8922 has a rubber grip. This rubber handle, which is also made to be flexible, offers users a more comfortable grip experience. The light weight of this cordless tool and the design of its handle allows users to hold it with one hand. This one-handed operation can come in handy in a variety of work positions.

The Ronix 8922 cordless leaf blower features a 2-speed control for greater versatility, allowing it to meet a wide range of applications and different types of needs. The switches on this tool are positioned to accommodate user needs and reduce fatigue.

The Ronix 8922 cordless leaf blower comes in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a hex wrench, a nozzle, a connecting pipe, a 2Ah/20 V battery, and a fast charger.

-20V Lithium battery provides high-power and long run-time
-Powerful motor enables max 45 m/s air velocity which ensures efficient blowing performance
-2-Speed control for versatility to switch which conforms different kinds of needs
-Ergonomic light-weight design for maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arm
-Flexible Rubber Grip can effectively prevent you from slipping and provide you with a more comfortable grip experience
-Suitable for blowing dust, leaves, or snow effortlessly and conveniently

Autumn is here and winter will soon be upon us. Temperatures have worsened and the leaves are slowly falling off the trees. To solve this problem and remove the leaves from the ground, several tools are available.

The most classic, but physical, is the leaf blower. The Ronix Cordless leaf blower with its 20V brushless motor has a 2-speed control that provides versatility. With its powerful motor, this cordless leaf blower has a blowing speed of 45 m/s or 100.8 MPH.

The ergonomic and lightweight design of this tool also allows the users to move around easily.

Model 8922
Battery Chemistry Lithium
Battery Voltage 20V
Battery Capacity 4 Ah
No-Load Speed "High: 15000 RPM Low:10000 RPM"
Blowing Speed 45 m/s (100.8MPH)
Blowing Volume 11m3/min (388CMF)
Running Time 12~15 mins
Weight 2.20Kg
Supplied in Ronix Color Box
Includes Hex Wrench,Nozzle,Connecting pipe