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160 PSI, 11Bar, 100Kpa, mini air compressor, cigarette lighter, RONIX RH-4263

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Ronix Analogue Mini Air Compressor DC 12 Cigar Lighter is a must-have tool for your automobile to handle all of your inflation needs. An essential feature of the RH-4263 is its high-efficiency motor, which uses a DC 12 cigar lighter as a power source, allowing you to inflate objects while sitting in your car. This multi-purpose tool can inflate tires on automobiles, motorcycles, and sedans.


This power tool comes with a range of adapters that can be used for a variety of tasks. It works by simply plugging it into the cigarette lighter outlet of any vehicle.

Ronix RH-4263: Your Companion on the road

Read the following features in case you want to buy RH-4263 Mini Analogue Air Compressor and need more information.

Motor and pump:

Ronix RH-4263 DC mini air compressor is powered by a DC 12V Cigar Lighter that can deliver a maximum pressure of 160 PSI, 11Bar, 100Kpa, and produces the max airflow of 400 liters/min, which can help the operators save time. This high-efficiency motor and pump are designed for the actual 160 PSI capability! 


This 1.25kg power tool is amazingly efficient for all kinds of inflations. You could need your tires, air mattress, sports balls, or inflatable boat inflated. The broad body base will help excellent stability and comfort in using the tool so that nothing unexpected would happen while inflating. The high-quality ergonomic body of the Ronix RH-4263 DC mini air compressor is designed perfectly for the operator's convenience. This tool is equipped with an analog pressure gauge to show the amount of pressure so that you can protect your vehicle. An analog pressure gauge on the tool shows the amount of air pressure. 

Accessories and Packaging:

You will get this air compressor with a ball, tire valve, and air bed adaptor in a Ronix color box. Also, the Ronix Rh-4263 is equipped with a high-efficiency LED light to be used as a flashlight. Get all you need for your safety and comfort on the road.


Download Exploded ViewDownload User Manual

-High-efficiency pump and motor for true 160 PSI capability
-Comes with different adapapters to cover a wide variety of applications
-Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket of your Vehicle
-Equipped with 12V-DC Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug
-Equipped with an analog Pressure Gauge to show the amount of air pressure
-High-quality ergonomic body design for more convenient use
-Equipped with high-efficiency LED light, so can be used also as a flashlight
-Wide bases for more stability



Supplied in

Ronix Color box



Max Pressure

160 PSI /11 Bar /1100 Kpa

Power Source

DC 12 Cigarette Lighter



Mini Compressor Hose Length

68 cm


Ball Adaptor, Tire Vale Adaptor, Air Bed Adaptor