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3D Wall panels More than 60 designs available Interior decoration of houses , shops , warehouses , furnitures

3D wall panels are a fashionable trend in interior design, which is not too widespread yet. Such decoration brings an additional volume to the room, creates interesting visual effects thanks to the play of light on the embossed surface, and always becomes the central object against the background of the overall design.

Modern 3D wall panels in the interior can assist in solving issues of zoning and decoration of any horizontal or vertical surfaces, interior partitions.

Available in a complex collection of styles and designs complete with striking textures - whether you envision a true-to-life brick wall in your living space, finished with crumbling concrete and different coloured characteristics to truly replicate a traditional feel, or you’re looking to install a brushed concrete wall in your wetroom to build on a modern atmosphere, whatever your preference, we’re confident our collection of 3D wall panels has a style to reflect your needs.

Advantage of 3D wall panels
Light weight
Rapid installation
Easy interior decoration
Furniture decoration
Sound proofing

Price based on quantity
Contact as to see the full offer of 3D wall panels . More than 60 designs available

Dimension type 70 x 77 cm
material pvc