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Soil meter 3 in 1 pH,moisture ,sunlight

Soil meter 3 in 1 for indoor/outdoor plants Measurement of Ph, Moisture, Sunlight Brand new , works without batteries

This device allows us to measure 3 types of parameters.
It is economical and ecological because it does not need batteries to operate .
It allows us to monitor the humidity, the pH and the intensity of the sun.
We can also directly measure the pH of the fertilizer or water we use to water and correct it according to the needs of the plant

Features: 1. pH measurement range: 3.5-8 Ph (3.5-6.5 acid, 7 medium, 7-8 base) 2. Humidity measurement range: 1-10 (1-3 dry, 4-7 medium, 8-10 wet) 3. Illumination: 0-2000 lux (0-200 low, 200-500 low, 500-1000 medium, 1000-2000 high) 4.

Probe length: 21cm 5. Copper probe diameter: 4.8mm 6. Aluminum probe diameter: 5.1mm 7.
Distance between two probes: 1.2cm 8.
Product Color: Green

Instructions: When measuring soil pH and humidity, first insert the probe into the soil as deep as possible, leaving about 1 cm above the probe. Turn the key on the pen to MOIST, MOIST is the moisture key, the corresponding table is MOIST, DRY,WET The value 1-3 (red part) indicates that watering is needed, 4-7 (green part) It is suitable, please adjust the watering time according to the variety of the plant, 8-10 (blue part) indicates that it is too wet. Turn the key on the pen to PH . The corresponding value on the table is 8-3.5, ALKALINE is the alkali, ACID is the acid and the value 7 is basically neutral. The smaller the number, the greater the acidity. Adjust the soil pH. The LIGHT key is the light level. The measurement range is 0-2000 lumens. The larger the value, the stronger the light. When using the electrode, be careful not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode. Do not use too much force, otherwise it will easily hurt the electrode. Wash the electrode after use