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50MT, cross line, laser level, self leveling, RONIX RH-9502

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If you are looking for a water/dust proof super accurate leveling tool with BMC case to ease the transportation and ensure the maintenance consider ergonomically designed Ronix RH-9502 with anti-shock rubber housing a good choice.

Ronix RH-9502: Highest Level of Precision
Laser levels are produced in different types and brands, and each one offers its usage, features, and advantages to the users. In the following, learn more about Ronix RH-9502 features and specifications.

Laser Technology:
Rh-9502 is manufactured with high laser leveling technology. As soon as you turn the tool on by the on/off switch on the left side, you will have a 360˚ horizontal plane and a 180˚ vertical line with a 635nm class II laser type.
To have these lines individually or at the same time there is a digital controller on the top with two digital buttons on it. The right one is responsible for giving you different mode of vertical, horizontal or cross lines and the second one changes the intensity of the laser. This feature helps to do wide array of leveling.

Measuring Accuracy:
The accuracy of RH-9502 is ±2mm in 5 meters and the efficient working range is 15m for outdoor leveling (with detector) and 50m for indoor measurements. The laser width is also 3.5 mm at 10m.

Operating Temperature:
The operating temperature of this laser level is -10˚C to 50˚C.

Quick Set-Up:
It is able to set up quickly and effortlessly to project horizontal plane or vertical lines.

Self-Leveling System:
To compensate minor angular misalignment up to ± 3°, you can use the functional self-leveling system. If you exceed this angle the tool will alarm you by beeping and vibration using a buzzer inside.

Locking System
To turn the self-leveling system off and work on tilt lines without vibration or alarm interference you can just simply use the locking switch on the side and disable the compensating system.

RH-9502 is qualified with an IP54 standard of Water and Dust Proof to ensure years of dependable operation.

The ergonomic anti-shock body design of the RH-9502 removes the risk of damage in case of falling or stroke. The dimensions of this tool’s body are 110 x 60 x 121/cm3. The robust over‐molded housing ensures maximum lifetime.

To do accurate measurements like all the other leveling tools RH-9502 need to be fixed. In this case Ronix came up with magnetic pivoting base which can easily be adsorbed to metal surfaces. The 1/4" Thread in the bottom of the gauge allows setting on the tripod or multipurpose fixing.

Ronix RH-9502 is powered by four AA alkaline batteries which can be fit in the easy access battery housing at the back of the tool. keep working and don’t worry because these batteries are enough to work for 8 hours even if you keep all diodes on.

Packaging and Accessories:
Ronix RH-9502 comes in a Ronix color box and BMC hard case, including a bracket and glass.
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Download User Manual

‐Both Indoor & Outdoor available (with detector)
-Horizontal plane & vertical line
-Able to set up quickly and effortlessly to project horizontal plane or vertical lines
-Self-leveling system compensate minor angular misalignments of ± 3° automatically
-Built-in locking system to lock the compensator when in transportation to avoid vibration
-Robust Over‐Molded Housing
-IP54 Water and Dust Proof to ensure years of dependable operation
-Working with various related accessories to reach nearly all applications easily
-Ergonomic anti-shock body design removes the risk of damage in case of falling or any kind of stroke
-Pendulum lock for protecting laser system during movements


Power Supply
4 x AA Alkaline batteries
Laser Width
3.5 mm@ 10m
Operating Temperature
‐10℃to 50℃
Accuracy of V&H line
± 2 mm@ 5m
Resistance to
Water and Dust (IP54)
Leveling Range
Working Range/With Detector
15m/50m with detector
Tripod Thread
Net Weight
Continuous Working Time (All Diodes)
≥ 8hour
Bracket , glass
110 x 60 x 121/cm3
Laser Type
635 nm, laser class II
Supplied In