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5W-20v, cordless led torch light, RONIX 8630

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Traditional LED flashlights have had many advantages for many years. However, the appearance of new wireless LED torches has revolutionized this type of lighting. Indeed, their power is multiplied and their various features are real assets. But then, what are its advantages? When power cuts occur or when you are simply in the dark, a torch is an ideal alternative to secure your movements.

Indeed, the LED bulb integrated into the torch offers much better performance than traditional types and allows real savings thanks to LED technology. Moreover, they do not give off any heat and are more durable over time with more than 50,000 hours of consumption. Ronix 8630C cordless LED torch light offers the best solution in terms of autonomy.

This handy tool is rechargeable and can be used for several days for very frequent use. Compared to a traditional torch, its autonomy is 10 times higher. Moreover, its speed and ease of recharging will change your daily life!

Detailed Description

When you don't have access to natural or artificial light for various activities, you can use a tool called a torch light. The Ronix 8630C cordless LED torch light is one of the most widely used lighting tools from this brand and provides enough light for your activities. The body of this durable tool is covered with a soft rubber coating so that you can use it more easily.

Ronix 8630C, 12V Cordless LED Torch Light:
If you are considering purchasing a suitable lighting tool with long life, the Ronix 8630C cordless torch light is our suggestion; because it will be your constant companion in places without access to light, with quality construction, long life, and reliable performance. Read on to learn more about this practical tool.

The power source of this professional cordless flashlight is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The necessary illumination is provided by a 5-watt LED lamp with a light output of 250 lumens. It also illuminates the desired area up to 100 meters. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is essentially a measurement of the yellow or blue color of light emitted by a bulb. The CCT value of this lighting tool is approximately 6500 Kelvin (cool white).

The durable body of this tool weighs 400 grams and its dimensions are 73.5 x 119.32 x 207.3 mm; it is covered with a soft rubber coating. The adjustable head of this tool allows easy positioning of the light to various angles.

This tool is equipped with a 20-volt, 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a 60-minute charge time, which you can work with for up to 6 hours. This battery can also be used in other Ronix 86 series cordless tools.

Ingress Protection:
Ingress protection rating, also known as IP rating, is an international standard (IEC 60529) that classifies the degree of protection of the housing material of electrical equipment against solids and liquids, such as dust, rain, and more. The degree of protection of the Ronix 8630C cordless LED torch light is IP54.

Accessories and packaging:
The Ronix 8630C cordless LED torch light comes in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a 2Ah battery and a fast charger.

Download User Manual
LED work light equipped with high quality 1 pc LEDs which produce 250lm of brightness totally
Adjustable head allows easy positioning of the light to various angles
Perfect for outdoor work light,camping lights,tent lights, searchlights, patrolling, hunting, hiking, searching, night fishing, garden work
Strong body with soft grip rubberized handle


Model 8630C
light type High brightness LED lamp
Power 5W
Battery 2000mAh/20V
Flux 250lm
Illumination Range >100M
CCT 6500 K
Rotation angle 90°
Runtime 6 h
Battery Charging Time 60 min
Degree of protection IP54
Dimension 207.3x119.32x73.5mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Supplied In color box