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Meat Mincer food grinder 3 cutting plates sausages and kibbe maker *Tristar*

Meat Mincer food grinder 3 cutting plates sausages and kibbe maker *Tristar*

Make your own minced meat the easy way with the Tristar VM-4210 Meat Grinder. You can even make your own sausages and kibbe with the handy adapters. Choose between fine, medium or coarse grinding and attach the right cutting plate. Blow your friends and family away with delicious homemade burgers, meatballs and sausages.

Choose the best coarseness by selecting one of the three cutting plates. With this, you can make fine or coarse minced meat and cook the most delicious tacos or spaghetti Bolognese. Another great advantage of grinding your own meat is being able to decide on the type of meat you use. Whether it is beef, pork or lesser-
known meats like chicken, turkey or lamb, everything can be grinded.

You can even control the amount of fat for the most juicy meat balls you've ever made. Adapters for Sausage and Kibbe A scrumptious, spicy sausage for breakfast or a delicious Lebanese kibbe. Both are easy to make with the Tristar Meat Grinder.
The adapter for sausages keeps the sausage casing together so you can make them yourself. There is also a kibbe adapter included so you can prepare that typical round shape and fill it with a delicious, spicy stuffing. Aluminum grinding system The grinding system and hopper are made out of aluminum and are therefore very easy to clean.

The cutting plates are made out of stainless steel, as are the blades, so they are hygienic and very effective. The meat grinder's design is compact and has an integrated handle so you can easily move and store it after use.

What’s in the box: Tristar meat grinder, 3 cutting plates, aluminum hopper, sausage adapter, kibbe adapter,
pusher stick for sausage, instruction manual