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1350W, electric, circular saw, 180mm, RONIX
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This woodworking power tool delivers an outstanding performance due to its 1350W powerful motor and its lightweight and ergonomic design. Safety precautions are also applied to this machine. Therefore, you can take care of your straight-cutting projects with confidence and trust. If you are looking for a durable and practical saw to cut different kinds of wood, 4318 Circular Saw is a great tool to add to your collection of tools!

Ronix 4318 Circular Saw: Efficient Tool for Making Pro Cuts!
To choose the best circular saw to suit your needs, you need to know what features and specifications these products offer. In the following, we give a detailed description of the Ronix 4318.

Motor and Mechanism:
Ronix 4318 Circular Saw is equipped with a powerful, high-performance 1350W motor working with a rated voltage of 220-240V and frequency of 50-60Hz and delivering a 6000RPM no-load speed for more incredible speed and faster cuts. 4318 uses a high-purity copper coil and collector to reach its maximum 1350W power.

The die-cast aluminum housing of the gearbox ensures its long life in heavy-duty activities.

The cutting wheel of the Ronix 4318 circular saw is a 180*2.4*30mm 56T sharp blade with a diameter of 180mm and can be cut with a max cutting depth of this blade at 90˚ is 65mm and at 45˚ is 45mm. The blade has the bevel adjustment ability with detents at 45° and 90°. It is capable of adjusting the cutting depth for different working applications. The blade also has a spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel-changing and safety mechanisms.

The specialized teams of the Ronix research and development unit continuously consider the principles of ergonomics in the design and production of all their products. For this reason, the Ronix 4318 circular saw is designed and manufactured based on ergonomic principles to ensure safety and ease of use.

This well-balanced and ergonomic body design improves working efficiency, reduces users’ fatigue during long working hours, and leads to superior handling and performance. This 3.7 kg power tool is suitable for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications.

To ensure durability, the base plate of this woodworking power tool is made from high-quality steel. This steel base plate is entirely practical for the highest cutting precision. With the help of this steel base plate, users can easily adjust the cutting depth.

The tool features main and side handles to provide maximum handling and dominance over the workpiece and to hold the tool both-handed.

Safety Guard:
Working with saws is generally dangerous, so this power tool is manufactured with a high-performance guard. This guard controls the wood chips and dust and prevents them from reaching the users’ hands.

The tool’s ON/OFF mechanism is done with a trigger switch under the main handle. For better handling and easier control over the saw, the operator can push the lock-on button for more comfort during operations.

Accessories and Packaging:
Ronix 4318 Circular Saw 230mm would come in a Ronix color box, including a guide rail, two pieces of adjustable blade rings, a spring, a 6mm hex wrench, and a 180*2.4*30mm, 56T circular saw blade.

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-Powerful, high performance 1350W motor delivers 6000 RPM for greater speed and faster cuts
-Ergonomic light weight design improves working efficiency and reduces user fatigue
-Suitable for fast and precise cutting in different woodworking applications
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-High-performance guard design for controlling chip and dust wood ejection
-Bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees
-Adjustable cutting depth enables different working applications
-Well balanced design for superior handling and performance
-Easy access carbon brush for easy maintenance
-Steel base plate is completely effective for the highest cutting precision


50-60 Hz
Supplied in
Ronix color box
No-load RPM
6000 RPM
Max Cutting Depth at 90°
Max Cutting Depth at 45°
Saw Blade Diameter
220-240 V
Guide rail, 2 pieces adjustable blade rings, Spring, 6mm hex wrench, 180*2.4*30mm, 56T circular saw blade