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1500W, corded, rotary hammer, SDS-Plus, 36mm, drilling, hammering and hammering with rotation, RONIX
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Because of its durable, high-resistance, industrially-designed motor that delivers real power of 1500W, it is recommended for all kinds of industrial jobs. This robust motor is placed inside a rotary hammer drill and this means that it handles 3 specific operation modes, drilling, hammering and hammering with rotation. These functions are enhanced by the help of a full-metal high-resistance gearbox and a piston and cylinder forged and made of superior-quality alloy. As a result, the final numbers in BPM and RPM delivered by the motor and the hammering mechanism are max no-load speed of 750RPM and max impact rate of 3000BPM combined with 5J of impact energy. No workpiece can resist.   

Working with 2732 Rotary Hammer Drill makes any complicated duties easier than ever. Assemble the appropriate bit or chisel, choose the targeted function by using the mode selection knob and the chiseling function selector and finally, push the trigger with full power. If the hammering and rotary speed and power are too high or low, use the dimmer switch to increase or decrease the rotation speed. Its extraordinary demolition speed system can be absolutely effective during the process of working on masonry. While working with our 2736, the overload safety clutch system can protect armature and the safety of you as the operator of this power tool. But what is going on inside Ronix 2736 Rotary Hammer Drill?

A rotary hammer like 2736 creates its hammering action with a piston which is driven by a crankshaft. The piston rides inside a cylinder and creates air pressure when driven forward, and it is actually the air pressure that drives the hammer mechanism. The cylinder is made of strong high-resistance metal alloy and the piston and shaft are aluminum die-casted. Also, The NSK anti-dust ball bearings are included for more efficiency and higher durability. The whole process is industrially engineered and manufactured by high-end machinery which is specialized by Ronix Design and R&D experts.

Bit Holder
The 36mm tool-free SDS-Plus bit holder is one of the main parts that makes a huge difference between 2736 and other brands and models in its level. Its unique chisel rotation system is ergonomically designed to adjust hammering positions conveniently. The maximum drilling and demolishing capacity of this well-designed bit holder inside concrete is 36mm and as it was mentioned before, this number is delivered inside the workpiece with max no-load speed of 750RPM and max impact rate of 3000BPM. Is there “anything else” that you could expect more from a power tool like Ronix 2736 Rotary Hammer Drill? 

When you look at Ronix 2736 Rotary Hammer Drill, you can see the die-cast magnesium body housing, the 360° anti-shock auxiliary Ronix-design handle, the double anti-vibration system and the power indication light. And, when you hold this amazing tool in your hands, you would definitely feel the result of magnesium housing which is light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhanced body strength. The auxiliary handle also provides a wide range of movement along with your comfort. The anti-vibration system reduces your hand fatigue and improves efficiency during your work. More importantly, the extensive soft grip of both handles on 2736 can be absolutely convenient and comfortable during long hours of working. The power indication light lets you know immediately when the cable breaks. The ergonomically-designed switches placed on Ronix 2736 Rotary Hammer Drill are whole another story! The mechanism of the trigger and the dimmer switch is quite obvious and by selecting the desired speed, you can have the most effective rotary and hammering motion of the bit. At last, the combination of the mode selection knob and the chiseling function selector will easily guide you to one of the three functions of Ronix 2736.

Supplied inside a BMC Case, the package includes a grease bottle, a rubber protect cap, a spanner, the bits bag (which includes SDS-Plus drill bits 8*150, 10*150 and 12*150, SDS-Plus pointed chisel bit 250 and SDS-Plus flat chisel bit 14*250), extra carbon brushes and the auxiliary Ronix-design handle.

1500W of motor power, 5J of impact energy and max rate of 3000BPM are the numbers that would have impressive results at jobsite for all your demolition needs which involve drilling function too. Ronix 2736 Rotary Hammer Drill has proved itself among our customers as one of our best power tools in different industries.