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1850W, electric router, RONIX
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Professionals and beginners alike can benefit from this robust tool and work with this machine with maximum precision and efficiency. Routing has never been easier and more fun than with the Ronix 7112!

Ronix 7112, 1850W Electric Router:
Routing and trimming are possible at the highest level with this machine. Discover our guide to know everything about the Ronix 7112 electric router.

Motor and Mechanism:
After plugging the Ronix 7112 electric router into the 220v power supply, the machine starts up as smoothly and easily as possible, which is one of the benefits of its soft start feature! The Ronix 7112 Professional Router boasts 1850 watts of power and an idle speed of 22000 RPM. Its speed varies from 5000 to 22000 RPM, allowing operators to use this powerful equipment for a variety of tasks such as precise bit plunging, edge shaping, slot cutting, and laminate deburring. It also features a variable-speed drive that allows you to control the speed of your power tool.

The tool holder on this power tool with different sizes of 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm is fabulous. Even beginners can change the router bits effortlessly thanks to the easy-to-use spindle lock.

Depth of cut mechanism
To work at different depths, you can use its depth-of-cut adjustment mechanism. The depth of cut adjustment mechanism allows you to finish all your woodworking jobs quickly and perfectly.

This Ronix 7112 is very versatile and precise and is easy to handle thanks to its low weight of 6 kg. Its excellent aluminum housing is responsible for its lightweight, as well as its durability and accuracy. The die-cast aluminum base plate and steel springs make it easy to slide and increase the tool's performance. Despite the lightweight of this power tool, users sometimes feel uncomfortable when working for long periods. So, the Ronix team solved this problem by using soft grip rubberized handles to provide superior ease, balance, and control. The non-marking plastic base is also interchangeable and ready to preserve the plunge base while allowing for a smooth sliding surface. A plastic dust cover is installed on the Ronix 7112 electric router for safety reasons such as wood chip ejection and potential hazards. With its three-level stop, you can use the Ronix 7112 electric router for virtually any woodworking task. The base locking mechanism allows you to quickly and easily secure your base when needed.

Accessories and Packaging:
A beautifully designed storage case, making the Ronix 7112 router easy to take anywhere with you. Thanks to the high-quality storage case, the many accessories stay securely in place and the router is not damaged. After unboxing the Ronix color box you will find 2 spanners, 2 collet sleeves, a flush trim router bit, a dust plastic shield, a trimmer guide, a straight guide, a template guide, and a guide holder.

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Professional heavy-duty 1850W motor ensures outstanding functionality to handle a wide range of woodworking applications
-High-speed efficient machine delivers up to 22,000 RPM for the fastest and cleanest cuts even on the tough hardwoods
-Variable speed setting from 5,000 to 22,000 RPM
-Precision cutting depth adjustment mechanism ensures quick and accurate height adjustments
-Three-level stop to preselect up to 3 different routing depths in order to perform various applications
-Three kinds of collet chuck capacity (6mm,8mm,12mm) enables different operations
-High durability and accuracy obtained by using aluminum for body housing
-Soft start function for smooth start and safe operation
-Aluminum die cast base plate plus durable steel springs ensures easy sliding and improves performance of depth adjustment
-Rubberized soft grip handles provides superior comfort, balance, and control even during extended jobs
-Replaceable, non-marring plastic base plate for protection of plunge base and smooth sliding on work surface
-Simple and efficient base lock system
-Suitable for a broad range of applications including precise bit plunging, edge forming, slot cutting, laminate trimming,...
-Spindle lock for easy and safe router bit change
-Dust plastic shield for controlling chips and dust wood ejection


Collet Size
No-load RPM
5,000-22,000 RPM
Supplied In
Ronix Color box
(2) Spanners, (2) Collet sleeve, (1) Flush trim router bit, (1) Dust plastic sheild, (1) Trimmer guide, (1) Straight guide, (1) Template guide, (1) Guide holder