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2.2 LT, humidifier, aroma diffuser, 7 color led, two fog levels, sleep mode, Aigostar Misty
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【EFFICIENT HUMIDIFICATION】 The large-capacity 2.2 liter humidifier can hydrate the air up to 150 ± 20ml / h, allowing for up to 22 hours of continuous low fog operation The humidifier cools and hydrates 20m² room air. Suitable for any environment such as large rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms etc. It produces a homogeneous and uniform mist, does not cause the accumulation of water on the furniture or the floor.

【AROMATHERAPY & 7 COLOR LIGHT】 Create a pleasant environment by adding drops of essential oil and. Very suitable for accompanying you to read, do yoga, etc. The LED lighting can be set to 7 soft and soothing colors. Enhance the mood with soft lights that rotate between colors or you can choose your favorite color.

【2 FOG LEVELS & SLEEP MODE】 Touch sensitive button helps you to easily change humidifier working modes. There are modes to choose from: high fog mode, low fog mode and sleep mode. The indicator light will go out in sleep mode The humidifier is very quiet, also suitable in the children's room.

【DESIGN & EASY TO FILL】 The top filling opening makes the humidifier easier to fill water and clean. It is no longer necessary to remove the water tank. In addition, the space-saving design for your bedroom bedside table and office desk, suitable for tight spaces for better air wherever you are. 【AUTO POWER OFF & 8 HOUR TIMER】 Safe for everyone, it will automatically shut off when the level water is low or the water tank is removed and the 2/4/8 hour timers can meet your needs at different times of the day. If you have any questions about our products, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.

White color Dimensions : L190 * W190 * H263mm
Cable length : 1.5m
Power : 25W
Voltage : 100-240 V
Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Steam : High intensity: 150ml / hr ± 20%; Low intensity: 100ml / hr ± 20%