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2350W, angle grinder, 230mm, RONIX
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The maximum speed is relative to the diameter; so, it is important to make sure you mount a disc whose diameter can be adapted to the grinder. Ronix 3212V with 6000 RPM can easily circulate cutting discs with a diameter of up to 230 mm.

Ronix 3212V 110v, 2350W 230mm M14 Angle Grinder:


When you want to use the angle grinder, it is important that you can place discs of several materials and shapes in the particular housing. Read on to learn more about Ronix 3212V.

Motor and mechanism:

As stone, concrete, granite, and masonry are incredibly durable and hard materials, to cut them, you need a lot of power. The Ronix 3212V angle grinder is equipped with a powerful motor that can generate 2350W of power for the cutting jobs listed above. This professional motor is built to handle all kinds of heavy-duty applications and delivers high performance.


This motor also offers an idle speed of 6000 RPM; thus, the device can easily circulate cutting discs with a diameter of up to 230 mm, penetrate different stone surfaces and easily cut the hardest ones. To improve the durability of this power tool, its motor is equipped with dust-free ball bearings that allow the unit to run smoother. Cutting these tough materials requires a lot of energy, so the tool generates a lot of heat.


This heat can damage the motor and internal parts of the power tool if it is not properly removed. That's why the Ronix 3212V angle grinder is equipped with a direct airflow system. The purpose of this system is to cool the motor to prevent future damage.


It also allows for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities. In addition, this angle grinder is equipped with a quick and easy carbon brush changing mechanism.


The start button and the spindle lock button are the control switches of this heavy-duty angle grinder; both of these switches are anti-dust sensors with the ability to prevent dust from getting inside the tool.


The spindle lock key, designed on the gearbox body, by holding the spindle still and preventing its movement, permits the user to easily change the cutting disc and keep it in the most powerful position.


The spindle is locked quickly using this interrupter, and this affects the speed of the disc replacement as well.


Cutting a diverse range of stone, granite, concrete, etc. requires both power and control. Power comes from the 2350W motor and control is achieved through the body design.


To ensure optimal control when using this tool, the Ronix 3212V is equipped with a 3-position side handle. This ergonomic handle allows users to work with both hands, minimizes vibration, and reduces fatigue during continuous applications.


In addition, the main handle of this power tool is designed to be rotatable. Consequently, it speeds up work at different angles and enhances the user's comfort and overall control. Also, the appropriate weight of the Ronix 3212V, only 5.45 kg, will help the user to work longer with the device.

Accessories and packaging:

The Ronix 3212V angle grinder delivers in a Ronix-designed color box and contains an auxiliary Ronix-design handle, a Ronix wheel guard, a spanner, and a hex key.



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-Professional Heavy-duty 2350W powerful motor enables high performance
-3 positions ergonomic side handle that minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue during long time working
-Rotary main handle which accelerates working in different angles and improves user comfort and control
-Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities
-Anti-dust ball bearings which ensure long lifetime of the motor and make it work more smoothly
-Quick change of disc guard that allows the user to place the guard in different working positions
-Easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism 
-New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration, especially in masonry working conditions






No-Load Speed

6000 RPM





Wheel Diameter


Spindle Size




Supplied In

Ronix color box


Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Ronix wheel guard, Spanner, Hex Key