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5 in 1, kitchen robot, multifunction, juicer , cutter, slicer, grater, dessert maker, Hoomei
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5 in 1 Kitchen robot multifunction , Juicer , cutter , slicer , grater , dessert maker *Hoomei HM-6145*

3-in-1 Multifunction Robot Only one accessory for triple use: it can be used as a juicer, to obtain fresh juices, as a multifunction vegetable cutter by inserting the special cones supplied for slicing, mincing and grating, and as a dessert machine, to prepare excellent sorbets !!

5 colored cones with steel blades are included: one to grate cheese, chocolate and dried fruit, 2 to make fine and thick julienne cuts on vegetables and 2 to slice foods thinly or thickly.

In the juicer mode you can collect the juice directly in the container and pour it comfortably into the glass to enjoy it.

Power 150 W
Machine for desserts and sorbets
Vegetable slicer and juicer Stainless steel cones
5 cutting cones: 2 for julienne, 2 for slicing and 1 for grating
Filling tube with tamper
Dessert machine with rotating auger
Completely removable for easy cleaning
220V / 240V power supply
Dimension 210 x 165 x 295 mm