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300W, electric sander, orbital sander, 185*93mm, RONIX
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What is an electric sander used for? An electric sander is a power tool used for sanding, polishing, smoothing, or stock removing a surface, primarily wooden surfaces, in carpentry or woodworking industries. Ronix 6401 Electric Orbital sander is an ergonomic and handy tool that can be used comfortably one-handed.

Ronix 6401: Precision, Efficient, Cost-Effective!
Knowing a tool’s mechanism and inner spare parts allows you to make an informed decision when purchasing an electric sander. Let’s take a closer look at the 6401 features and specifications.

Motor and Mechanism:
As soon as the 300W powerful universal motor on 6401 starts to work, the generated rotary power will be transferred to the aluminum base plate using a crankshaft in the middle. The 13000 OPM no-load speed results from a high-efficiency robust motor ensuring smooth performance. Combining this vibration with the right abrasive paper is the most practical way to have a well-blended surface finish. Ronix is not just about the tools but about you; that’s why we came up with dust collector technology to keep your working environment clean. This mechanism uses holes underneath the footplate to suck all the splinters and dust in and collect them in an extractor bag at the back. This feature maximizes not only sanding efficiency but also extends abrasive paper life.

Body and Switches:
Elegance, beauty, and efficiency are what you feel just by looking at the Ronix 6401 electric orbital sander. Ergonomic principles are visible in every single part of the product. The main handle’s size and shape have numerous gripping areas, allowing the user to move his hand to avoid fatigue. This elongated handle which makes two-handed operations possible is covered with soft rubber to minimize wobble and vibration. The motor container is on the top, and durability is ensured thanks to the anti-dust ball bearings. Rugged die-cast aluminum footplate helps heat dissipation and improves strength.
Ronix designed the 6401 Electric Sander to be dustproof; its large trigger and the locking on/off switch are both covered with high-quality soft rubber.

Base Plate:
The 185*93mm base plate is rectangular, and the use of a new and advanced system of connecting the base plate to the aluminum bottom of the tool improves the performance of the sander.

To make all sanding applications properly, Ronix came up with a set of fantastic spring jaw clampers on the top and bottom of the plate, which keeps the abrasive papers in place as tight as possible. Changing these abrasive papers is as easy as pinching two clamps, saving a lot of time compared to other brands’ models.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 6401 electric orbital sander’s color box includes a dust bag, abrasive paper, and a plate.
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-High efficiency, powerful 300W motor delivers a smooth performance over a variety of sanding application
-Light and handy machine for comfortable one-handed operation
-Supreme abrasive paper attachment system pulls regular sandpaper flat and tight on the aluminum base plate
-Ergonomic soft-grip provides stable handling and extended comfort
-Low-vibration working thanks to smooth running operation
-Anti-dust ball bearings ensure the durability of the motor and make it work more smoothly and more efficiently
-Anti-dust switch with rubber cover for reducing dust penetration
-Lock on button for convenient use in continuous operations
-Dust collection system collect the dust in an extractor bag for keeping working area clean


No-load RPM
13000 RPM
Base Plate
Supplied In
Ronix color box
Dust bag, Abrasive paper, Plate