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550W, electric trimmer, RONIX
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The small Ronix 7106 Electric Trimmer, 550W packs a really big punch, it’s an indispensable power tool in most workshops. Routing for inlay cavities and hinge mortises, rounding over edges, flush trimming hardwood edging, and a number of other jobs are all possible with Ronix 7106.


Electricity powers the Ronix 7106 Electric Trimmer's 550W engine. It transforms 220 volts into 550 watts of power. This professional motor has a no-load speed of 30000 RPM, making it ideal for all types of cutting and edging jobs. The Ronix 7106 Trimmer's strong engine allows users to operate effectively in wood processing activities. This woodworking power tool's 550W engine makes it ideal for cabinet processing, surface finishing, curve cutting, wood edge planning and pattern processing.


The Ronix 7106 Electric Trimmer, 550W includes a 6mm collet for maximum flexibility. This bit holder can accommodate a wide range of router bits with a 6mm shank diameter.


The Ronix 7106 Electric Trimmer, 550W, is designed with a small body. When you need to work in hard-to-reach corners and edges that other heavy and space-consuming power equipment, such as conventional routers, can't reach, this function comes in handy. The comfort of our consumers is very important to us at Ronix. This is why, in addition to being incredibly tiny, this useful tool is thin and ergonomically built to give users with a highly comfortable working experience. This ergonomic design also gives you better control over the workpiece and the process.

To provide maximum precision, this woodworking tool has a base. In order to make working with this trimmer as simple as possible for users and deliver great accuracy, the base is designed to be transparent. The easiness of using this transparent plate is recognizable in processing. In 7106, it is also possible to adjust the bit’s height. You can do that quickly by using the precision depth adjustment mechanism. Safety is also an issue in all types of woodworking power tools. This is why the Ronix 7106 Electric Trimmer, 550Wis equipped with a dust guard for controlling the ejection of wood chips and dust.

The Ronix 7106 Trimmer is packaged in a BMC, making transportation more easily. 1 parallel guide, 1 guide bar, 1 guide bush, 2 router bits, 2 spanners, and a pair of fastening knob and nut are all included in the BMC. This trimmer is also built of high-quality materials for increased durability and extended service life.

If you frequently work with wooden workpieces, the Ronix 7106 Trimmer, with all of its capabilities, may be a valuable addition to your workshop or construction site. The 550W motor is capable of a wide range of operations, including surface finishing and pattern processing. Consider this excellent woodworking power tool if you want a small and convenient equipment for light workload and sensitive tasks.


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-Transparent base design enables easy usage and great accuracy which is easily recognizable in processing

-Precision depth adjustment mechanism ensures quick and accurate bit height adjustments

-Slim and ergonomic body design for increased comfort and control

-6mm bit holder which is suitable for all kinds of router bits with 6mm shank diameter

-Dust guard for controlling chips and dust wood ejection

-Made from high-quality material for more durability and longer service life

-Can be widely used in wood processing, cabinet processing, surface finishing, curve cutting, planning wood edge and pattern processing operations activities

-Includes several accessories such as parallel guide, guide bar, blades, spanner, etc-Professional, high-power 550W motor enables efficient wood processing operations











Collet Size



(1) Parallel guide, (1) Guide bar, (1) Guide bush, (2) Router bits, (2) Spanners, 1 set of fixing knob and nut