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710W, short-neck, die grinder, RONIX
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Detailed Description

The Ronix 3301 Short-Neck Die Grinder, 710W, is a simple yet effective tool for grinding metal. This tool has many applications and can grind virtually any material. It has incredible power and RPM rates and is used to polish or smooth rough edges. It is a compact, portable power tool with a revolving spindle on which a collet holds the cutting bit. The material is removed from the workpiece using a grinding tool that rotates at a very high speed. You may polish, sand, cut, grind, or hone various materials with this die grinder and the appropriate attachment. This, of course, makes the die grinder helpful in multiple situations.

Ronix 3301: A combination of power and strength

Continue reading to learn more about the Ronix 3301 short neck die-grinder. The product details section will be an excellent resource for you.

Motor and Mechanism:

Ronix 3301 Short Neck Die-grinder has a simple mechanism of turning 220v AC power to 710W force using an industrially-designed universal motor. This efficient, robust motor delivers full power to the collet for maximum functionality. The motor provides different rotation speeds from 12000RPM to 28000RPM making the 3301 perfectly suitable for various tasks such as grinding, cutting, buffing, etc. Die grinders can also be used instead of sandpaper because of their excellent soothing properties. Ronix 3301 Short-Neck Die Grinder can be used on woodworking projects to remove rough edges, paint or finish, or even create a pattern or smooth finish on the furniture.


The 1.5kg ergonomic and lightweight design of 3301 helps extend sweat-free working hours. The compact structure of the tool provides easy access to tight areas. The position of the cable hose at the back is designed to keep the wire away from the grinding surfaces. Vent slots at the bottom of 3301 are designed to cool the body down as quickly as possible. Lastly, the body’s shape is suitable for double hand holding, making the operation much easier and faster.


The lock ON/Off switches on the body, just behind the neck, are suitable for extended applications. Each task requires its rotation speed. The Ronix 3301 has a dimmer switch at the back with six different levels to control the speed (12000 -28000 RPM). You can find ergonomic design, power, and speed in Ronix 3301 Short Neck Die Grinder. A handy multi-task tool that is needed in any metal industry.


Depending on the task you are about to do, grab two spanners that come in the box along with the device and attach sanders, bits, cutting disks, and grinders to the full metal 6mm collet. Don’t sweat it; it is super easy to open and close the collet nut, even for amateurs. Fitting different grinding points is almost the same. Wire wheels, cut-off wheels, flap wheels, buffing stones, and carbide burrs are some attachable accessories to the die-grinder to do different tasks.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix 3301 Mini Die Grinder Short Neck Collet’s color box includes the tool and two spanners.


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-Efficient robust 710W motor ensures maximum functionality
-Protective anti-heat rubber cover for comfortable and safe operation
-Variable speed setting from 12000 RPM to 28000 RPM
no-load of speed regulates the speed to adapt to the operator's needs
-Ergonomic small handy design enables maximum power at minimum weight
-Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performances
-Slim body design for ideal handling and higher working performance
-Precision collet enables the operator to do accurate applications faster and easier






No-Load Speed

12000-28000 RPM







Collet Size


Supplied In

Ronix color box


2 spanners