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Cordless, brushless, screwdriver, Kit 20V, RONIX
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Ronix 8906K 3-Speed Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit is a powerful tool that can greatly improve and speed up your screwdriver workflow. Make sure to select the appropriate fastening mode for your application. In order to avoid damaging the workpiece.

Ronix 8906K: Your Assistant in screwing tasks!
You need to consider some tips before buying a high-quality driver. In the following, we give you a detailed description of the Ronix 8906K impact driver.

Motor and Mechanism:
It has a powerful, high-performance brushless, waterproof motor that ensures a maximum long life for the best performance in screwing. A high-resistant waterproof engine allows working in wet situations. By delivering 280NM of torque, your 8906K Brushless Impact Driver Kit won’t have any issues during screwing through any surfaces like wood, plastic, or hard metals and steel.

Its metal gearbox enables heavy-duty applications and a longer lifetime. Ronix 8906K Brushless Impact Driver has 3-speed for Hi-Mid-Low RPM & IPM fastening control in a wide range of applications. The no-load speed of 0-1600 RPM, 0-2000 RPM (working with high power), 0-2500 RPM (works with high speed), and the impact rate of 0-1800 IPM, 0-2500 IPM, and 0-3300 IPM helps the motor run more efficiently.

The 1/4” inner hexagon chuck design in Ronix 8906K Brushless Impact Driver and cordless screwdriver ensures high durability in tight workspaces. There are two hexagons headed partially threaded high tensile bolts M10 and M16, and two standard bolts, M10 and M20, for Ronix 8906K, which can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Ronix 8906K is super comfortable and ergonomic for long-time usage. High-resistant, anti-shock housing with a durable metal gearbox and a waterproof motor is excellent for heavy-duty applications, even in wet situations. Its high resistance and anti-shock 1.08kg body is designed with an ergonomic rubber grip to control the machine and remove the risk of damage in case of falling or stroke. There is a built-in LED light sensor that helps you screw in hard-to-reach and darker places.

The tool’s turning ON and OFF is done with a power trigger switch placed on the handle. The forward/reverse button helps to change the rotation direction and remove a stuck bit.

Automatic Stop Function:
It has an automatic stop function when loosening screws that you can activate by pressing the ‘B’ button.
If the green light is on, the motor is set to speed 1 (0-1600 rpm and 0-1800 bpm).
If two green lights come on, the motor is set to speed 2 (0-2000 rpm and 0-2500 bpm).
If three green lights come on, the motor is set to speed 3 (0-2600 rpm and 0-3300 bpm).
Press the S button on the electronic clutch screen to change the device’s speed between modes 1, 2, and 3.

Ronix 8906K Brushless Impact Driver can work with 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries, designed with one to run all technology. It means that both the 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah batteries of the Ronix 89 Lasting Series can power this tool. The fast-charging system in the charger provides optimum performance in tight working situations. Ronix 8906K Brushless Impact Driver has a battery charging indicator that lets you know the battery level quickly and easily.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix, 8906K brushless cordless impact driver kit is supplied in a Ronix BMC hard case and includes two 2.0Ah/20V batteries and a 220-240V all-in-one fast charger.
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-Super power 20V screwdriver enables perfect functionality in fastening with different torques
-High-performance brushless, waterproof motor ensures maximum longlife
-Light-weight ergonomic small body design with considerable power
-3-speed for Hi-Mid-Low RPM & IPM fastening control in a wide range of applications
-Metal gear box enables heavy-duty application and longer life-time
-High resistance, anti-shock body designed with ergonomic rubber grip
-Automatic stop motion on loosing fastener
-Efficient in hard-to-reach and dark places thanks to the best LED worklight


Battery Voltage
Battery Chemistry
Chuck Size
1/4” inner hexagon
No-Load Speed
"0-1600 RPM 0-2000 RPM 0-2500 RPM"
Impact Rate
"0-1800 IPM 0-2500 IPM 0-3300 IPM"
Standard Bolt
High Tensile Bolt
Max Torque
Supplied in
2pcs 2Ah/20V battery, 1Fast charger(2.2A)