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Cordless, hedge trimmer, 20V, 510mm, no battery, RONIX
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*the battery and charger are purchased separately*

Ronix 8920 Hedge Trimmer is the toughest among Ronix cordless series known as the Lasting Series. This gardening tool is suitable for keeping your hedges appealing and well-shaped, managing the topiary, and making the front shrubs look excellent and detailed.

Ronix 8920 Hedge Trimmer: Cut, Prune, and Shape Plants with Excellence
To better understand what features and specifications 8920 has offered to users and tools enthusiasts, keep reading the detailed description below.

Motor and Mechanism:
This robust cordless tool delivers up to 1400SPM of no-load speed, which enables you to cut faster and reach cleaner results. The primary key of the Ronix 8920 Hedge Trimmer is the brushless motor, offering a longer lifetime, higher torque per watt, and higher reliability.

Ever got jams or snags during cutting? The blade of the Ronix 8920 is dual-action hardened steel that increases efficiency by cutting, meaning it has the power of two saws instead of one. This feature, added to the back-and-forth movement of the blade, enables up to 17mm cutting capacity, which you can cut through thick and stiff branches. The cutting length of the tool’s blade is 51 centimeters which help for optimal cutting performance and reduced vibration.

The tool has a lightweight, ergonomic body design with a 2.1kg weight, which helps for the user’s convenience and easy handling. However, it would be best if you used it with caution. A safety guard is attached in front of the front handle to prevent your hand from coming anywhere near the teeth while using the hedge trimmer.

The body features a D-style front handlebar that lets you turn the machine without pivoting your lower back and take a lot of pressure off your back. The rear handle (main handle) also contains the rear switch lever for easy access.

The best part to mention about this cordless tool is the battery system. The new Lithium-Ion batteries are compatible with the Lasting Tools, including the Ronix 8920 Hedge Trimmer. You can easily switch the battery between your hedge trimmer, drill, circular saw, or even your rotary hammer. With the battery charging indicator, you can know the battery level status. The charger takes 55-60 minutes to fully charge the battery.
Furthermore, the rechargeable battery has no self-discharge mechanism and has a long run time for continuous garden maintenance.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 8920 brushless hedge trimmer is supplied in a Ronix color box. This product does NOT contain any batteries or chargers.
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-High-efficiency robust motor delivers 1400 SPM for fast cutting speed
-Powerful 20V lithium rechargeable battery delivers the power with long run time to complete the toughest jobs
-The D-grip handle lets you hold it from any angle and cut from any position
-17mm cutting capacity gets through all your bushes and hedges with greater performance
-Dual action steel blade for optimal cutting performance and reduced vibration
-Ideal for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes without extension cords
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy


Battery Chemistry
Battery Voltage
Battery Capacity
No-Load Speed
1400 SPM
Cutting Length
Cutting Capacity
No load run time
55-60 Min
Supplied In
Ronix Color Box