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Cordless, mini angle grinder, 20V, 115mm, Brushless Series, RONIX
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The battery is not included, you can buy it separately or buy the complete kit with batteries included


Let’s get acquainted with the Ronix 8901 cordless mini angle grinder, a perfect tool with long life and suitable power for industrial activities. A compact, rechargeable angle grinder with a brushless motor manufactured to be your companion during busy working hours.

Learn More about Ronix 8901 Brushless Cordless Mini Angle Grinder!
To have a better experience while using a tool, you have to learn more about its features and characteristics. So keep reading the detailed description of the Ronix 8901 mini angle grinder.

Motor and Mechanism:
A high-performance brushless motor power this mini angle grinder. As their name suggests, Brushless motors use an electronic plate instead of a pair of carbon brushes in their internal structure. The absence of a carbon brush reduces the wear and tear of the engine and ensures four times longer lifetime.

The motor of this mini-angle grinder has a no-load speed of up to 8500RPM, rotates the 115mm diameter cutting wheel with full power, covers a wide range of applications, and provides outstanding performance.

The motor has an electronic current limiter system to protect the tool from current overload.

Cutting Wheel:
The cutting wheel of the Ronix 8901 mini angle grinder has a maximum wheel diameter of 118mm. Ronix provided a wheel guard for the user’s protection and safety during the operations. The cutting wheel is also attached to an M14 spindle on the angle grinder. The maximum thickness of the wheel is also 6mm. The cutting wheel has a tool-free adjustment system for the protective hood.

Ronix has always tried to strike a balance between comfort in handling and functionality. With its ergonomically designed and slim body, this tool is best suited to handle cutting and grinding operations in tight spaces and increase working performance. Ronix 8901 mini angle grinder guarantees outstanding performance and considerable power; nevertheless, it only weighs 1.65 kg. An ample rubber tool rest protects the tool from scratches.

An auxiliary 2-position, anti-shock, and ergonomic side handle are built to provide all-day operator comfort, low fatigue, and additional control in different ranges of operator movement.

The ON/OFF switch and locking pin are the controlling keys of this mini angle grinder, both of which are anti-dust keys with the ability to prevent dust from entering the tool.

The locking pin is designed on the body of the gearbox and allows the user to easily replace the cutting wheel by keeping the shaft fixed, preventing it from moving, and keeping it in the most stable position. The shaft’s locking process is done quickly by this key, and as a result, it also affects the changing speed of the screen.

Direct Airflow System:
High temperatures can cause permanent damage to your battery and cordless tools during continuous, heavy-duty tasks. Ronix has developed an innovative cooling system for its mini angle grinder that directs sufficient airflow over the motor and cools it as much as possible. This direct airflow system also results in reliable performance and diverts dust away from vital components.

Soft-Start System:
The Ronix angle grinder has a soft-start technology that brings the machine up to full speed step by step. Even if you accidentally press the start button, the anti-restart function prevents the tool from starting.

The gearbox of the Ronix 8901 enables heavy-duty application and a longer lifetime.

The Ronix 8901 doesn’t contain any battery or charger. But the most significant advantage of the Ronix 89 Lasting Series is that a 20V/4Ah battery is compatible with all its members. So, you can run all your 89 tools with just one battery. This battery has a charge indicator and can inform you of the battery status before it runs out in the middle of an operation.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 8901 Brushless Cordless mini angle grinder is supplied in a Ronix color box. This tool is provided WITHOUT battery and charger.

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-High performance brushless motor delivers up to 8500 no-load of speed in RPM
-Light-weight, ergonomic mini angle grinder suitable for precise applications
-Soft start switch system that ensures the safety of operation
-Anti-restart function prevents accidental start-up
-Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities
-Special slim body design for ideal handling and higher working performance
-Electronic current limiter for overload protection
-2 positions anti-shock ergonomic side handle which promoting easy work and perfect machine control in different range of operator movements


Battery Voltage
Battery Capacity
4 Ah
Battery Chemistry
Motor Type
No-Load Speed
8500 RPM
Wheel Diameter
Spindle Size
Bore Diameter
Supplied In
Ronix Color box