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Cordless, rotary, tool kit, carrying case, rechargeable, tool box, 3.6V, 1.6/2.4/3.2mm, RONIX
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The Ronix 3420 cordless rotary tool kit, in addition to having the features of a good device, is rechargeable and can be moved to different environments for the user. This machine is equipped with a 3.6V DC motor that produces speeds up to 18000 RPM.

Ronix 3420, 3.6V, 1.5AH Cordless Rotary Tool Kit:
The Ronix 3420 rotary tool kit is used as a precision tool for grinding, sanding, cutting, polishing, and more. This widely used tool has ideal performance in activities such as carving, engraving, and jewelry making. In this section, read about the features of this product.

The powerful 3.6V DC motor can create a mature idle speed in the range of 5000-18000 RPM, which allows users to get the best performance in various work operations. Besides, the Ronix 3420 is equipped with variable speed control that can adjust the speed in different modes in the range of 5000-18000 RPM according to the needs of the users. The motor of this unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 ampere-hours; a durable and long-lasting battery that can be fully recharged in 3 to 5 hours.

The 3420's 1.6-, 2.4-, and 3.2-mm bit holders allow the user to attach a wide range of accessories to the unit for various applications. In addition, a locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism is designed.

The Ronix 3420 rotary tool kit is a tool with an ergonomic design and a very light weight of 0.24 kg. This small and compact device is very powerful for very precise, delicate, and artistic work. In addition, this rotary kit is equipped with LED light which enables working in dark places.

Accessories and packaging:
The Ronix 3420 cordless rotary tool kit includes 122 items which are all supplied in a Ronix-designed color box. The items are 10 grinding wheels, 10 diamond bits, 2 sanding bands, a cloth wheel, 2 polishing wheels, 20 cutting wheels, 2 Hss cutters, 32 sandpapers, 3 mandrels, 5 felt wheels, 5 drills, a felt wheel pointed, 16 sanding drums, a dressing stones, 4 brushes, 4 collets, a USB charging, a 240V charging adaptor, a LED collar, and a spanner.

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High efficiency DC motor delivers 5000-18000 RPM
no-load of speed
-High performance, light weight efficient device, suitable for a wide variety of operations
-Variable speed adjustment from 5000 to 18,000 RPM regulates the speed to adapt to the operator's needs
-Locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism
-1.6 to 3.2 mm bit holder for different kinds of accessories
-3 Indicator light shows level of charge
-Equipped with LED light which enables working in dark places


Battery Voltage
Dc 3.6 V
Battery Chemistry
Battery Capacity
1.5 A.h
Collet Size
1.6/2.4/3.2 mm
No-Load Speed
5000-18000 RPM
speed setting
Charge Time
3-5 H
0.24 Kg
Supplied In
Ronix Color Box
10 Pcs Grinding Wheels,10 Pcs Diamond Bit 2 Pcs Sanding band,1 Pcs Cloth Wheels 2 Pcs Polishing Wheels, 20 Pcs Cutting Wheels, 2 Pcs Hss Cutter, 32 Pcs Sand Papers, 3 Pcs Mandrels, 5 Pcs Felt Wheels 5 Pcs Drills, 1 Pcs Felt Wheel Pointed 16 Pcs Sanding Drums, 1 Pcs Dressing Stones, 4 Pcs Brush, 4 Pcs Collets, 1 pcs Usb Charching, 1 pcs 240V Charching Adaptor, 1 pcs Led Collar, 1 pcs Spanner