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Cordless, rotary hammer, Kit, 20V, 2.2 J, Brushless Series, RONIX
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Ronix 8910K is a cordless rotary hammer used for drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, and releasing. Rotary hammers are much more durable and are the preferred tool of the pros. Stay with us to take a detailed look at this heavy-duty industrial tool.

Ronix 8910K: Drill, Release, Hammer Drill, Chisel with Max Performance!

Continue reading to learn more about the Ronix 8910K Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer Kit. The product details section will be an excellent resource for you.

Motor and Mechanism:

A robust 20V battery powers the Ronix 8910K Rotary Hammer Drill, the strongest among the Lasting Series of Ronix cordless tools. Thanks to its water-resistant and brushless motor, more extended durability and reliability are guaranteed. For a heavy-duty application such as drilling through either concrete or steel, this powerful machine delivers 2.2 Joule of impact energy, high enough to impact the surface and go through the wall as a knife cuts butter. Furthermore, there are four functions available for users: drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, and releasing. 
The motor of this cordless tool allows up to 1400 rpm of no-load speed, enabling maximum drilling capacity up to 28mm in wood, 13mm in steel, and 22mm in concrete. In addition, a torque limiter is assigned for torque overload to prevent components such as armature from experiencing excessive torque loads. This safety clutch system ensures safety both for the machine and the user.


The magnesium gearbox housing is lightweight, enables superior heat dissipation, and enhances body strength. The no-load speed of 0-1400 RPM and the impact rate of 0-4500 IPM provides more power and enables the tool to transmit better and higher torque of the motor.


The fitting tool system of this rotary hammer drill is SDS-plus, allowing a tool-free changing of drill bits/chisels with an automatic locking feature. This industry-standard system is compatible with many bits. In this drill, the torque transmission is separate from drill bit locking. The rotation system of the chisel also comes in handy when you need to adjust your hammering position. This automatic bit holder enables maximum drilling capacity up to 28mm in wood, 13mm in steel, and 22mm in concrete.


The housing of the Ronix 8910K is made of die-cast aluminum, turning a conventional rotary hammer into a lighter and more impact-resistant power tool. This feature also adds superior heat dissipation, which lets you work for hours without feeling a thing. The tool has an LED light sensor to work efficiently in tight and darker spaces.
Since drilling at different angles is inevitable, an auxiliary handle is attached that can rotate 360° around the tool. This handle can reduce pressure and absorb the shock of each impact to create more comfort for long working hours.


The tool’s turning ON and OFF is done with a power trigger switch placed on the handle. The forward/reverse switch helps to change the direction of the rotation. A depth gauge release button adjusts the gauge’s depth based on the application. Furthermore, the additional lock button switch is assigned for continuous operations to lock the drilling at the same speed.


Ronix 8910K Rotary Hammer Drill Kit is one of the Lasting Series, compatible with a 20V battery with a capacity of 4.0Ah. One to run all, you can easily switch the battery between your 89 series cordless tools. The new series of Lithium-Ion batteries have a longer lifetime, higher reliability, and better performance. The tool is equipped with a battery charging indicator that lets you know the battery level fast and easy.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix 8910K brushless cordless rotary hammer kit is supplied in a Ronix BMC hard case. The package includes two batteries, a fast charger, a depth gauge, and a side handle. 


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-High effiecient powerful rotary hammer drill with 4 functions: Drilling, Hammer drilling, Chiseling and releasing
-High-performance brushless, waterproof motor ensures maximum longlife
-Die-cast aluminum housing enables lightweight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-360° auxiliary Ronix-design handle provides operator's comfort
-SDS Plus tool-free bit system with automatic bit locking mechanism
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting hammering positions
-Lock button switch for comfortable working in continuous operations
-High-torque safety clutch system can protect armature and ensures safety
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Ergonomic soft grip handle for better handling during working




Chuck Type

SDS Plus

Motor Type


Battery Chemistry


Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity


No-Load Speed


Impact Rate


Impact Energy


Max Capacity In Wood


Max Capacity In Steel


Max Capacity in Concrete




Supplied In



2pcs 4Ah/20V battery, 1Fast charger(2.2A), Side handle , Depth guage