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Cordless, rotary kit, rechargeable, tool set, 3.2mm, 5000-30000RPM, RONIX
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The Ronix 3421 cordless rotary kit is equipped with an 8V DC motor that produces a speed of up to 30000 revolutions per minute and transmits it to its 3.2mm bit holder. The speed can be set in 5 different modes, between 5000 and 30000 RPM based on your work requirements.

Ronix 3421, 8V 2AH, Cordless Rotary Kit:
Depending on their main nature and type of operation, the rotary kits have a small size and a very appropriate weight, so that they fit easily in the hand and can work for a long time without any fatigue for the user. In this section, read about the features of the Ronix 3421 cordless rotary kit.

Motor and ball bearings:
The motor of this unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2 ampere-hours. The powerful 8V DC motor can create a mature idle speed in the range of 5000-30000 RPM, which allows users to get the best performance in various work operations. Besides, the Ronix 3421 is equipped with variable speed control that can adjust the speed in different modes in the range of 5000-30000 RPM according to the needs of the users. High-quality ball bearings designed for Ronix 3421 reduce dust penetration and ensure motor durability.

The 3421's 3.2-mm bit holder allows the user to attach a wide range of accessories to the unit for various applications. In addition, a locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism is designed.

The Ronix 3421 rotary tool kit is a tool with an ergonomic design and a very light weight of 0.4 kg. This small and compact device is very powerful for very precise, delicate, and artistic work.

Accessories and packaging:
The Ronix 3421 cordless rotary tool kit includes 26 items which are all supplied in a Ronix-designed color box. The items are a 3.2 mm mandrel for felt wheels, a 3.2 mm brush, a spanner, 3 sanding bands, a 3.2 mm sanding shank, 2 felt wheels, 5 cut-off wheels, and a charging adaptor.