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Full body, fitness equipment, train your abs, chest, arms and legs, 360 InShape
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Strengthens your entire body .  Train your abs, chest, arms and legs

 The reinforced steel can also be used for heavy training 
Training guide for beginners and advanced athletes Incl. Electronic counter and resistance bands

The 360 ​​InShape is a full body fitness device that lets you train yourself back into shape.
Thanks to the four adjustable resistance bands, the electronic counter, a detailed training guide and two resistance bands with handles, you have a device that can be used excellently for training your entire body.

Because your muscles have to work together, you burn fat and your arms, stomach and legs are strengthened. The sports equipment works on the basis of resistance.

As a result, the 360 ​​In Shape allows you to work in both directions on every rep. So extra efficient! With the included training guide you will not get exhausted, because there is a suitable training for every level.