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YUKAtrack GPS Tracker OBD Car, Vehicles, Trucks, Transporter with SIM Card and Data Flat European Live GPS Tracking, Complete Set: Without ABO, Logbook, Tracking Transmitter, GPS Transmitter Mini

YUKAtrack - The GPS vehicle sorting complete set

They are normal everyday examples in which YUKAtrack GPS vehicle tracking becomes a hero. Any questions: Where did I park my car? Where is which employee located with which vehicle? Where do my children drive currently? Who caused the ticket? YUKAtrack gives you the answer to these and many other questions.

YUKAtrack also contributes to theft protection in cars, trucks, vans, vintage cars, boats, construction machinery, motorhomes, motorcycles, taxis and all other vehicles.

Through the OBD2 GPS tracker hidden in the vehicle, or the easyWire (wired) version, you can always determine the exact location or e.g. driving speeds of your vehicles and receive an alarm message in the form of a push notification via previously applied GPS Geofence zones.

The YUKAtrack app is your command centre

Users benefit from the user-friendly YUKAtrack app, which can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With access to live GPS data and its evaluations, you can locate one or more vehicles at any time. Values e.g. speed and range injuries, or check the route report where the vehicle has been and used for the last days. For your vehicle location, the YUKAtrack app is a reliable companion, even if you are not sitting in the car. Keep track of your routes, drivers and vehicles from anywhere.