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Radio BAOFENG BFLF-918-UV range up to 12 km, 8 watt power, 128 channels, VOX function, 3 frequency range

Features DCS and CTCSS signal coding allows you to ignore the signals of other radios at the frequency used and prevents outsiders from hearing your conversations.

The built-in display simplifies the process of setting up and working with the radio, as well as displaying signal and charge levels, channel number and a lot of other information.

Power 8 W allows to establish communication at a distance of up to 12 km.
The range of reception and transmission and signal depends on the conditions of use, terrain and the presence of obstacles.

3 frequency ranges for communication. The radio can operate in the UHF 400-520 MHz range, as well as in the 200-260 MHz and 136-174 MHz (VHF) ranges, and frequency scanning is supported.

Powerful battery. The built-in 2200 mAh battery provides more than 24 hours of constant negotiations on a single battery charge.
Support for a wired headset. The standard "Kenwood" connector on the walkie-talkie case allows you to use any headset of this standard.

VOX voice control. With the support of the VOX feature, you can talk to your interlocutor without using your hands. The built-in FM receiver allows you to listen to radio stations broadcast in FM-band at 65-108 MHz frequencies.

Noise cancellation mode provides excellent audibility even when working in a noisy place, such as a construction site or a factory.

Two power modes. This walkie-talkie has a mode of lowering the power of the transmitter, which will save the battery when communicating over short distances.

The built-in LED flashlight is located on the walkie-talkie and allows, if necessary, to illuminate the desired area.
The clip on the body of the device is used to attach the walkie-talkie on the belt, items of clothing or on the equipment.

Specifications Frequency range: 400-480 MHz (Rx/Tx), 136-174 MHz (Rx/Tx), 200-260 MHz (Rx/Tx) FM radio reception: 65-108 MHz

Channels: 128 Transmission distance: up to 12,000 metres CTCSS/DCS subton scanning function: Yes Simultaneous at different ranges: Yes

Frequency scanning (channels): Yes Keyboard lock: Yes LCD/LED display: Yes Number of frequency encodings: 50 CTCSS, 105 DCS

Frequency Mesh Step: 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz Wave resistance: 50 Om

Transmitter power output: 8 watt / 1 watt The level of off-band radiation of the transmitter: -lt; -60 dB Range of working temperatures: -20 ...

Power: lithium-ion battery 7.4 B/ 2200 mAh) Consumption: 1.4 A (transmission), 380 mA (reception)

Dimensions (VHSHG) 130 x 55 x 40 mm (without antenna) Weight: 250g