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Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier USB-Bluetooth-MP3-FM 1200W Peak, 600W RMS *ALPA APA-160BT*

1200W Peak, 600W RMS Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier USB-Bluetooth-MP3-FM

The most powerful HI-FI Stereo amplifier with 8 Final Transistors in push-pull configuration capable of deliver 300Watt + 300Watt in RMS per channel.

The power of 300W + 300W RMS is indicated as the effective power supplied by the APA-160BT

Therefore it is recommended to use suitable speakers for the amplifier.

Technical characteristics Model: APA-160BT Power supply: AC 220V, 60Hz : 230W Dimensions: 430 (W) x100 (H) x300 (D) mm

Volume Control , Bass Control, Mid Control , Treble Control , Balance Control , Mic Control , Echo Control on Mic

Standard Front Input 6.3 Jack for 2 Microphones, Loudness Function (emphasizes bass and treble sounds)
Front input USB - SD Card Player MP3 Control Buttons Bluetooth
Function AUX / DVD Selector - BT / FM / USB
Integrated FM Radio
Various Rear RCA inputs and outputs
Rear connector for FM radio reception antenna
Rear connector + Antenna supplied for Bluetooth
Possibility to connect 2/4 Speakers respecting the impedances as indicated on the rear panel.

MAX POWER 600W + 600W at 4-Ohm
RMS POWER 300W + 300W at 4-Ohm
RMS POWER 200W + 200W at 8-Ohm

SPEAKER PROTECTION FUNCTION and LIMITER POWER The APA-160BT being a very powerful amplifier is equipped with internal protection that acts according to the type of speakers you are going to connect, for example if the speakers do not support the power supplied by the amplifier. an out of volume threshold enters protection and interrupts the sound for a few seconds. low impedance speakers of the 4 Ohm type, the protection threshold will be less sensitive with 8 Ohm speakers.
It is recommended to use speakers suitable for the power of the amplifier.