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Errand Boy Malta

Motorized curtain rails, opening and closing automated blinds with remote control or wifi

The price of the motorized rails is referred to a horizontal kit of 3.13 mt
It is possible to discuss the price based on the number of kits purchased
We offer quotation for specific length and curved tracks

The track motor is silent, does not vibrate and the curtain slides gently. Control via a remote control or switch 3 year warranty.

Assembly and installation are simple (installation video at and instruction booklet).

With the engine running, the blind can be operated manually. With the engine switched off, the awning can also be moved manually. Furthermore, the motor can register an intermediate position.

The motor is hidden behind the curtain, being imperceptible to simple sight and can choose between two opening models: central or lateral. The kit is ready to be installed on the ceiling and also on the wall

Accessories can be purchased separately:
90º angles or 135º for curved tracks
Remote control of 16 channels to be able to control more tracks
Extra strap in case you make a mistake by cutting the one provided in the kit

Use mode
When the motor is connected, it is sufficient to pull 10 cm to open or close the curtains.
Intermediate position: The motor can be put in an intermediate
position, which is between the closing and opening positions.

Manual use without power: If the power fails,
the curtain can be operated manually.

Multi-control: The user can choose between control or
switch to activate the curtain.

Automatic position: The motor can remember the opening
and closing position, so there is no need to reset it.

Easy assembly.