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Errand Boy Malta

Jump starter 400A with PowerBank function 10,000 mAh

Auto PowerBank - AUTO JUMP STARTER FO-Q002 is a new trend to revive a fully discharged car battery and then start the car without any problems.
It is able to produce high current at 12V, which is really sufficient to partially charge the car battery. and 5V USB output for charging portable devices powered or charged from USB 5V, built-in flashlight and SOS red and white flasher, built-in metal tip for breaking security windows.

A very practical set that will partially charge your discharged car battery to such a capacity that it can be started in a very short time.
It also charges your mobile phones (tablets) and other portable devices, illuminates the room with an ice light and, with red and white turn signals, alerts you to a fault or a parked car.

The AUTO JUMP STARTER FO-Q002 is the latest range of small, emergency, jump starters.
It comes with a sufficiently high capacity Li-Polymer LiFeCOPO4 - 10,000mAh, supporting fast charging and has low self-discharge, with more than 3000 times charging and discharging.

Revives a discharged car battery and support the emergency start of a vehicle with on-board voltage of 12V. Built-in, emergency LED light (three lighting and flashing modes) and a red emergency flasher.
With a protruding hammer (metal protrusion), you allow the glass to break in an emergency.