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2000w Electric grill Hot plate Griddle *Tristar BP-2750*

The Tristar BP-2750 Griddle is a combined baking and grill plate that allows you to grill on one side and bake on the other. The baking surface is 49 x 27 cm. This is enough room for you and your family and friends to bake and grill your food on. The temperature of the griddle can be adjusted easily and the power indication light shows when the griddle is turned on. This temperature will be reached quickly because of the power of 2000 W. The power cord length is 0.8 meters.

Practical design
The Tristar griddle is designed in a way that it’s practical to use. The cool touch handles can’t catch any warmth. So even when the griddle is still warm, it can be moved without any problems or risk at burning your hands on the handles. The griddle will stay in its place while baking because of the non-slip feet. Also, there’s a removable grease collector in the griddle that automatically catches the grease that is transferred while baking. This makes the food healthier and crunchier.

Practical in use
The nice thing about this griddle is that it’s equipped with a non-stick coating. This coating prevents the food from sticking on the griddle and makes the griddle easy to clean after use.

What’s in the box:
Griddle, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar BP-2750 Griddle:

Large baking surface of 49 x 27 cm
Handles don’t get warm
Griddle stays in place because of the non-slip feet
Grease collector for healthy and crunchy food
Non-stick coating